Uncle Chong’s 1st Economy Motor Hunt 2009

received this email from kok seng

mcm best je kan. hehe :)

click here to download the form and details

Dear hunters,

Annoucing the launch of the inaugural Economy Motor Hunt by Sifu Chong

Date: 19 July 2009 (Sunday)

Start time: 7.30am

Hunt area: Klang Valley

Finish vebue: Kiwanis Down Syndrome Center, PJ

Participation fees: Only RM160 per team!!!

This project was conceptualised just over a month ago and is a great
effort coming from a Grandmaster Hunter to keep us occupied with good
quality hunt questions in the quiet month of July 09 (according to the
hunt calendar so far…). For those who do not know him, he has been
the primary COC for the Kiwanis Hunts for umpteen years until last year
when he decided it was time to pass on the baton..

The idea of an ‘Economy Motor Treasure Hunt’ came about as he has loads
of questions stored up which he could not use them in the recent hunts
that he has set because they were theme hunts, i.e. Chinese New Year and
Kiwanis. Because of this, he considered setting a hunt (maybe more) to
use up these questions. This hunt is to be a normal hunt as opposed to
the no-holds barred Chinese New Year hunts – it will contain
questions that are mostly simple/moderate, with a sprinkling of

The idea is to make the event reasonably cheap and self-funding –
thus an economy motor/drive hunt. The entry fee is set at RM160 per
team. As hunters are more concerned about hunting than food, out of the
entry fee, RM40-50 is to go towards the prize presentation lunch, which
will consist of KFC and soft drinks. This should be palatable to all.
The balance of the entry fee will go into a pool from which the prizes
are to be awarded. As an idea, he has thought that the pool be divided
by the champ getting ½ of the pool, the runner up 2/6th and the 3rd
placing getting 1/6th. As an example, on the basis of just 9 teams
taking part, from the pool the winner will get RM450, the runner up
RM300 and the 3rd placing 150.00. The prize money may not be much, but
it at least will give some incentive towards doing well in the hunt. As
this is a labour of love, please note that he will not charge himself a
COC services fee, just a nominal sum to cover the cost of photocopying
tulips and sets of questions and answers sheets.

Teams are encouraged to sign up early as he is limiting it to the first
25 teams only (despite much persuasion from few of us to get him to
agree to increase the numbers!). PLEASE read the info and rules in the
attached entry form (see FILES section) before completing and sending
them in.


Best regards to all,

Kok Seng

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