Elken Bio Pure Beginners’ Motor Hunt 2009

wahhh mcm best je kan

dah la team aku tak pernah dapat top 10 pun sebelum ni. hehe :)

download the poster here or the official form here

email from the coc

Ahoy there!

The pirates of Treasure Hunts, The TrailBlazers have good
news for those who are beginners in Hunts.

We humbly present “Elken Bio Pure Beginners’ Motor Hunt“, a half day motor
hunt around Klang Valley on the Saturday morning of May 23rd. Entry fee is
only RM 50 per person for early birds (pay and register by May
10,2009) (minimum 3 per car).For those who register after May 10, the fee is
RM60 per person.

Please note that the top 7 team members in any “Open Hunts” in Malaysia
from June 1st,2008 to March 31,2009 are not eligible to participate.

The top three teams will receive cash prizes ranging from RM 1,200 to RM
900 cash and the next 7 teams will receive cash and non-cash prizes ranging
from RM 700 to RM 100. Prizes for best dressed team and lucky draws are
also in the offing. Please note that Hunters will be treated to a hearty
lunch after the Hunt.

All treasures received during the Hunt will be donated to a charity home in
Petaling Jaya.

Please feel free to call/sms the pirates: Captain Black Hawk (016-2772909),
Captain Tiger Swan (016-6861107) or Captain Jack Swallow (019-2632708) or
email us at
huntmasters@hotmail.com for any enquiries or submission of Entry

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