Lexis Nexis KL Bar Treasure Hunt 2008

all in a sudden, so many hunts happening this coming august ya

just bloghopped to mike’s famous blog and found that this cool hunt is just around the corner.

it’s next month indeed !

man, so many hunts lor…..

look like we gonna have some kinda off treasure hunt festival this merdeka month

i am, i mean we’re not that prepared for this.

we think that we gonna limit our participation only to 2 hunts

both will be mother of all treasure hunts, i guess

but of course, along the way, there’ll be lots of other exciting hunts that’s going to be held in this month or next month.

hopefully we can enter at least 2 more hunts before we take a break during ramadhan and syawal

hehe buckle up guys !

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6 responses to “Lexis Nexis KL Bar Treasure Hunt 2008

  1. asyik treasure hunt aje, bila masa kau kerja :)

  2. aku tobat dah nak masuk lexis nexis ni…susah siot…haha..tertekan jek…

  3. mana ada byk thunt bln 8 ni. ada 2 je takat ni yg dah announce

  4. azwan : hehe hunt masa weekend je lah. hehe :)

    amoi : susah ke ? ceritalah pengalaman ko dalam blog tuh. hehe :)

    azman : expected ada sampai 4. kira banyak lah tuh. hehe :)

  5. maybe sbb aku ni novice kot…sbb tu rasa susah…hehe…
    lg 1 sbb jln area kl kan…jam giler…arghhh..tertekannn….

    amois last blog post..SAP Summit 2008

  6. amoi : hehe mmg tak best la kalau masa tengah hunt jalan jam. hari tuh masa aquaria klcc hunt, jalan tutup sebab ada marathon plak. hehe :)

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