Lion’s Club of PJ City Charity Treasure Hunt 2009

another charity hunt for this year

as always aku dapat this info from mike’s blog here

terasa mcm nak masuk la kali neh. hehe :)

download the entry form here ok

date : 16 may 2009

venue : pj – melaka (day hunt)

coc : michael pang

organiser : lion’s club pj city

“Take A Break Event” Is Now “Hunter’s World” (Ricky Koo) – With A New Blog Design Some More ! Hehe :)

i still remember my 1st public hunt which is putrajaya treasure hunt back in 2006

the coc is take a break (TAB) event

the people behind TAB were ricky koo & fuad dahalan

ever since our hunt team will always look fwd for their hunt

– – – – –

memang best ok masuk treasure hunt ni

kena bangun pagi2 sebelum suboh

kadang2 sempat la suboh berjemaah (good side of hunt kan)

– – – – –

now that fuad dahalan dah takde dalam TAB

GISF Shopping Hunt 2009

got this message wrt the hunt from the organiser

click at the image below to check it out !

dah lama tak hunt sambil shopping kan. hehe

Upcoming Events (Treasure Hunts) from Purple Antz

received this email from purple antz

seems like there’ll be lots of hunts this coming 2009 rite !

check out their official website here

Up coming public hunts in Purple Antz calendar;

VOG Charity Motor Hunt 2009

Date: 10/05/2009, Sunday

Type: Half day motor hunt

Route: Klang Valley

Organiser: VOG

GISF 2009 Shopping Hunt

Date: 31/05/2009, Sunday

Type: Half day motor hunt

Route: Klang Valley

Organiser: Global Indian Shopping Fair 2009

Green Hunt 2009

Date: 27/06/2009, Saturday

Type: LRT Hunt

Route: KL City

Treasure Hunt Setahun Kerajaan Baharu Negeri Selangor 2009

hehe baru aku perasan ada lagis atu treasure hunt daaaa

treasure hunt setahun kerajaan baharu negeri selangor 2009 !!

mcm best je sebab kat lembah klang kan

start kat shah alam and then end up kat shah alam jugak

kalau team aku masuk surelah new experience neh

download the form here

details mcm kat bawah neh ok :

date : 22 march 2009

time : 0645hrs – 1300hrs

venue : dataran kemerdekaan shah alam, stadium malawati & klang valley

organiser : mbsa