Kembara PERTAMA 2008 – Calling For All Treasure Hunters of Malaysia ! Only 1 Place Left for the Women Journalist’s Association of Malaysia Treasure Hunt – Kembara Pertama 2008 @ KL-Kuantan !

i have received a call from the organiser yesterday.

they’ll still need 1 team to enter the treasure hunt

the hunt will be next weekend ! KL-KUANTAN ya :)

so, being a noble treasure hunter, haha. i said to them that i will tried to advertise the 1 and only place in my blog. so all malaysian treasure hunters ! this is the chance of the lifetime

this is the 1st time that the organiser is organising such an anticipating treasure hunt

from kl to kuantan ! you’ll be staying at the newly refurbished swiss garden resort and spa at balok beach, kuantan. i have been to this resort before and i tell ya, it’s a damn good resort. the rooms are cool ! newly refurbished ma. for sure lah best kan. haha. i even blogged direct from the pergola near the swimming pool ok ! hehe

u can treat this treasure hunt like a holiday la. no need to rush there rush here

as for our team, every hunt is a unique one. every hunt we’ll be puzzled with the anagram. hehe

so anybody wanna join this hunt ?

just click here or at the ads above to get to the posting and the official form.

all the phone numbers are there.

see u at balok beach !

psssssst – no. i am not working for bernama neither do i am one of the organiser !. i am just an avid treasure hunters who like to hunt whilst jalan2 cuti2 malaysia. and some sai jalan2 carik makan OK ! hehe :)

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