Penang Food Hunt 2008

aisey apsal la dia buat kat penang kan

kalau kat kl surelah aku ngan team aku dah masuk neh. hehe

download form kat sini ya !

aku dapat info from this makantrip blog. thanks !

hehe aku dah pernah masuk walk hunt, motor hunt, online hunt !

x pernah la plak masuk food hunt camni kan. hehe

sure best giler ah. haha

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4 responses to “Penang Food Hunt 2008

  1. This is the first time I see a hunt entry form that does not require Team Name.

    Kevins last blog post..Sing-A-Long

    KNizam Reply:

    kevin : hehe did u join this hunt at penang ?

    Kevin Reply:

    Planning to, so I am about to fill the form. :D

    KNizam Reply:

    kevin : good luck !

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