Cyberjaya Amazing Hunt 2009

received this info via email from zahrol

check out the official site here

hehe selamba la kecik je kan banner tuh

hampeh la dalam official site letak kecik je kan. haha

Hello Hunters.

Another event by the FUN HUNT PEOPLE for the public.

1. Organizer: Cyberview Sdn Bhd
2. Total cash prizes: RM9,050 (Top 15)
3. Event: A motoring Amazing Race concept. Tasks driven. Winners determined by the shorter time recorded to complete from start to finish. Some interesting and some exciting tasks. (More details during the briefing session)
4. Date: Saturday 25th April 2009.
5. Closing date: Upon reaching first 50 cars or by 22nd April.
6. Route: Cyberjaya and around, Banting, Kajang.
7. Physical preparation: As you are now is ok. No strenous tasks to perform. Maybe a little bit of Fear Factor ;-)
8. Entry form attached.

I’ll be seeing you. If you have the stomach for it!


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6 responses to “Cyberjaya Amazing Hunt 2009

  1. Banting pun sampai gak? Best ni! Akanku tunggu! Hahaha

    myfr3aks last blog post..Download Movie dari MediaFire

    KNizam Reply:

    myfreak : hehe nantikan kemunculan kami di saaanaaaaaaaaa hehe :)

    myfr3ak Reply:

    nanti nak ‘lalu’ roger2 la..ekeke

    myfr3aks last blog post..Download Movie dari MediaFire

    KNizam Reply:

    myfreak : wokay aku akan buat live blogging lagi tau. hehe :)

  2. a’kum.
    salam sejahtera.
    emmm.. ada tak mana2 sahabat/company yang bleh bantu saya menyediakan draf paperwork penganjuran program treasure hunt. dari putrajaya ke Tasik Kenyir @ hanya di tasik kenyir sahaja.
    saya punyer budget around R65K.

    KNizam Reply:

    jafre : cuba contact zahrol from funhuntpeople ya. dia organiser treasure hunt kat malaysia. hehe :)

    website dia –

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