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KFCH EduFun KL City Amazing Race 2013

City Revival Charity Hunt 2011 (KL)

got email from the organiser just now

check it out their official website here City Revival Charity Hunt 2011 (KL)

8th HOSPIS Malaysia Charity Treasure Hunt 2009

ni ada sket update pasal this hunt

ada borang ngan rules boleh download kat sini

click je kat gambar bawah nak pegi kat official page ya

– – – – –

date : 25-26 july 2009

venue : kl-kuala pilah, n9

organiser : hospis malaysia

terasa mcm best je kan hunt neh

siap ada homestay ngan mandi air terjun tu beb !

kena menjelaja negeri sembilan lagi lah kali neh. hehe :)

Uncle Chong’s 1st Economy Motor Hunt 2009

received this email from kok seng

mcm best je kan. hehe :)

click here to download the form and details

Dear hunters,

Annoucing the launch of the inaugural Economy Motor Hunt by Sifu Chong

Date: 19 July 2009 (Sunday)

Start time: 7.30am

Hunt area: Klang Valley

Finish vebue: Kiwanis Down Syndrome Center, PJ

Participation fees: Only RM160 per team!!!

Elken Bio Pure Beginners’ Motor Hunt 2009

wahhh mcm best je kan

dah la team aku tak pernah dapat top 10 pun sebelum ni. hehe :)

download the poster here or the official form here

email from the coc

Ahoy there!

The pirates of Treasure Hunts, The TrailBlazers have good
news for those who are beginners in Hunts.

We humbly present “Elken Bio Pure Beginners’ Motor Hunt“, a half day motor
hunt around Klang Valley on the Saturday morning of May 23rd. Entry fee is
only RM 50 per person for early birds (pay and register by May
10,2009) (minimum 3 per car).For those who register after May 10, the fee is
RM60 per person.